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The founder, Brett Plumadore of Denver Industrial Instruments has been working in the electronic repair industry since the mid1970s. He can boast experience in road safety and innovation, as well as oil field support by making sure things are up and running. Many legacy systems are no longer supported, DII offers device repair and some specialized manufactured products that keep the systems effective. We are proud of this history that has allowed us to do depot work around  the U.S., ensuring safety and performance for DOT, as well as helping to support your mission critical oil field operations. 

Provider of Non-consumer electronics services.

Business/Mission-critical device support is our company focus. Devices from third parties often reach the end of their lifecycle and become unsupported. As an ongoing operation you may need to keep these products operating. Denver Industrial Instruments can help, with the following:

* Nuclear Densitometer Densometer Densimeter Repair and calibration specialists. (custom setting to your pipe size, blender or inline)


* PCB and transmitter manufacture for density measurement (drop-in replacements)

* Specialized power supply repair for state/highway

* Specialized Highway Electronics repair/calibration


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343 Yucca Hills Rd, Castle Rock, Colorado 80109, US

Tel: 303-263-3525

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